Professional Short Courses

  • People & Change Management Training

    Let us help you develop your key people management skills, to enhance the effectiveness of your team and allow your organisation to perform better. This training is designed to help your staff achieve their full potential and allow your business to perform better.

    Project management: One day course - Learn to use project planning tools and co-ordinate different activities.

    Dates: 14 February, 29 March       Course Fee: £145

    Coping with change  Half day course - Learn how people react to change, why they resist, how to turn a negative into a positive, and apply the six steps to coping

    Dates: 22 February - AM       Course Fee: £95

    Work smarter not harder  Half day course - Sharpen your focus on what you need to achieve, identify where you need to take action, and increase your impact at work

    Dates: 22 February - PM       Course Fee: £95

    Handling conflict  Half day course - When disagreement leads to conflict, learn how to ensure people feel they’ve been treated with respect.

    Dates: 01 March - AM       Course Fee: £95

    Delegation at work: Half day course - Delegation is the key to better management. Get it right every time.

    Dates: 01 March - PM       Course Fee: £95

    Managing and motivating performance: Half day course - Bring out the best in people, motivate and support them.

    Dates: 08 March - AM       Course Fee: £95

    Leading a team: Half day course - Different approaches and how to work together as an effective team.

    Dates: 08 March - PM       Course Fee: £95

    Negotiating successfully  Half day course - Learn to plan tactics, focus on outcomes and manage concessions.

    Dates: 15 March - AM       Course Fee: £95

    Planning strategically  Half day course - Identify opportunities and plan what to prioritise.

    Dates: 15 March - PM       Course Fee: £95

    Effective influencing skills: One day course - Express ideas clearly to influence and persuade others.

    Dates: 22 March       Course Fee: £145

    Coaching at work: One day course - Improve motivation, raise skill levels and build trust.

    Dates: 05 April       Course Fee: £145

    Effective communication  Half day course - Learn what to say, how to say it, how to listen to the response, and how to transmit and interpret unspoken signals.

    Dates: 11 April - AM       Course Fee: £95

    Assertiveness  Half day course - Develop greater confidence and control.

    Dates: 11 April - PM       Course Fee: £95

  • Excel Training

    Develop a good foundation or learn more advanced features in Excel.

    Basic Excel: Half day course - Set up spreadsheets with simple formulas and basic functions; modify and print them.

    Dates: 13 February, 04 April       Course Fee: £85

    Intermediate Excel:  Half day course - Functions, formulas and charts, Excel tools,and absolute and relative cell referencing.

    Dates: 13 February, 19 March       Course Fee: £85

    Advanced Excel: Half day course - Learn complex functions and formulas, develop a personalised interface and use advanced spreadsheet tools.

    Dates: 19 March, 04 April       Course Fee: £85

  • First Aid

    First aid training can benefit your organisation by improving response times during an emergency, reducing workplace accidents, and creating a positive work environment.

    Emergency first aid: One day course - This course trains a nominated person to take charge in the event of illness or accident when a fully qualified first aider is not mandatory.

    Dates: 08 February, 05 April       Course Fee:   £95

    First Aid at work: 3 day course - The course covers HSE regulations, recordkeeping, basic life support, shock and fainting, heart conditions, stroke, adult seizures/fits, diabetes, severe bleeding, burns, fractures, dislocations, strains and sprains. Delegates receive an HSE approved certificate valid for 3 years.

    Dates: 04 March       Course Fee:   £300


Our professional short courses are ideal for people working in small to medium sized organisations, and will assist working professionals to develop their skills in key areas. Our training team consists of qualified professionals who have experience delivering training to a wide range of businesses across all sectors. 

Half day People & Change Management courses can be combined to offer a full day of effective management training – select 2 courses on the same day, and we will get in touch to discuss a competitive rate

Training is held in Spring Grove House at our Isleworth campus.

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