Corporation and Committee meetings for the 2020-21 academic year.

DateTimeCommittee Group
Wed 23 Sep 2020 2pm Strategy & Business Development
Wed 7 Oct 2020 6pm Quality
Wed 14 Oct 2020 6pm Corporation
Wed 18 Nov 2020 2pm Quality SAR Moderation
Wed 25 Nov 2020 6pm Finance
Wed 2 Dec 2020 6pm Audit
Wed 16 Dec 2020 6pm Corporation
Wed 3 Feb 2021 6pm Governance & Search
Wed 24 Feb 2021 6pm Quality
Wed 3 Mar 2021 6pm Finance
Wed 10 Mar 2021 6pm Audit
Wed 24 Mar 2021 6pm Corporation
Wed 5 May 2021 6pm Governance & Search
Wed 12 May 2021 10am Corporation Strategy
Wed 9 June 2021 6pm Quality
Wed 16 June 2021 6pm  Finance
Wed 23 June 2021 6pm Audit
Wed 7 July 2021 6pm Corporation
West Thames College

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* Based on overall performance for students aged 16-18 across all levels in 2018-19

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