Elected Officers & Representatives


Elected representatives in national government formulate and ratify legislation and government policy, act as elected representatives in Parliament, European Parliament, Regional Parliaments or Assemblies, and as representatives of the government and its executive. Elected officers in local government act as representatives in the local authority and participate in the formulation, ratification and implementation of local government policies.


  • Represents constituency within the legislature and advises and assists constituents on a variety of issues
  • Acts as a Party representative within the constituency
  • Participates in debates and votes on legislative and other matters
  • Holds positions on parliamentary or local government committees
  • Tables questions to ministers and introduces proposals for government action
  • Recommends or reviews potential policy or legislative change, and offers advice and opinions on current policy
  • Advises on the interpretation and implementation of policy decisions, acts and regulations
  • Studies and acts upon any legislation that may affect the local authority.

Entry Requirements

Entry is by election.

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