Kynan's Journey

Kynan’s Journey to West Thames College

West Thames student Kynan

Hello everyone, My name is Kynan and I'm so excited to be attending West Thames College (WTC) this September.

I am writing a step-by-step blog that hopefully helps and inspires other students who are on a similar path.

I hope you all enjoy reading about my journey!

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  • What to do after my GCSEs?

    Kynan pointing to a car   Kynan leaning on car

    Hello, my name is Kynan and I’m from Hounslow West, I'm currently a student at Heston Community School.

    Growing up, I was always passionate about cars, motorbikes, and anything with an engine!  I've always wanted to start my own car customisation company, which I would call Kynx Kustoms, to create eye-catching designs for unique vehicles. I want to make my dream a reality and give every 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler an identity of its own and a new lease of life. 

    When I considered my future goals, I began to think about the knowledge and credentials I would need to make this idea a reality. I started by researching motor vehicle courses online, and West Thames College came up. I simply knew that I had to attend an open day to figure out whether this college could be the best place for me to further my growth and skills set.

  • My first visit to West Thames

    Group working on a car   Kynan infront of college

    I was extremely excited to visit West Thames College at an open day in February.

    From the time I entered until the time I left, I had a great experience at the College. The staff were very supportive and went the extra mile which gave me a good understanding of what will await me in the future.

    My parents and I discussed the Mechanical Engineering and Motor Vehicle Maintenance courses with two of the subject's teachers who told us all about how these courses are taught. We were also even given a walk-through of the workshops by students and shown what the practical aspect of these courses involve too. This tour inspired me and I now would like to also become a student guide to help others who may wish to join West Thames College.

    I am super excited to start my career path with the College under the guidance of the excellent faculty I met at the open day. As I take the road ahead to create my future, I am grateful for the support and guidance given to me at the start of my journey by the College.

  • Preparing for my GCSEs

    My story on this stage of my journey will be available here in a few weeks.

  • Applying to WTC – what I had to do and write

    My story on this stage of my journey will be available here in a few weeks.

  • Results day and enrolment

    My story on this stage of my journey will be available here in a few weeks.

  • My first week at WTC

    My story on this stage of my journey will be available here in a few weeks.

What are you most looking forward to when you start at West Thames College this September?

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