Students at The Skills + Logistics Centre in Feltham had a great opportunity to speak to representatives from Tesla on Friday 26 January. Tesla are promoting a sustainable future and want to get as many young people involved as possible.

Tesla are currently looking to expand their distribution network in the South East, and are excited to share all the new opportunities they have. Students attended an inspiring presentation which gave an insight into the car safety features and build, speeds, models, design and all that goes into keeping its cars running.

The students were incredibly engaged and interested, and were then able to inspect the Tesla Model S itself. They got to sit inside, check out the Model S music system as well as the luxurious, modern design.

Ben Andrew, Level 2 Motor Vehicle student, said, “It was really interesting, fun, and educational at the same time.”

Bill Guyett, Motor Vehicle Lecturer, said, “What was really interesting was that although the car is electric, they still use standard brake and suspension systems. So you can start to work with them on the shop floor without being a fully qualified electrician.”

Our engineering lecturers have been thinking about electric manufacture and how our students can put what they’ve learnt into practice. Although the cars are electric, they’re still designed and engineered the exact same way as a standard car and there are many routes into this ‘electrifying’ new industry. Tesla design all sorts of engineered vehicles and the way is open for everyone to get involved.

Tesla is not the first car manufacturer to work with the college. Former West Thames College apprentice, Joanna Bond, is currently employed as a clay modeller at Nissan, and we are working to ensure that many more students have the skills to excel in this growing sector.


 Tesla Model S


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