On 25th April hairdressing and barbering students took inspiration from distinctive, era defining hairstyles from the classic 1920's fingerwave to the modern day man-bun in hope of winning first prize in the college's annual competition.

The competition was a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills to the employers in attendance including Steve Haberfield from Grade 1 Salon, Derek DeCutter from Hairways Salon, Sarah-Jane Langford from 122 Knightsbridge, Leona Loosely from Rush Twickenham and Sabrina Peake from Sally's Hair and Beauty Supplies.

Employers were invited to attend the event and donated prizes for the competition winners.

Level 1 Hairdressing winners

  • 1st Place Sade Williams

    1st Place Sade Williams

  • 2nd Place Sean McGuckin

    2nd Place Sean McGuckin

  • 3rd Place Thamina Ahmadi

    3rd Place Thamina Ahmadi

Level 2 Hairdressing winners

  • 1st Place Patrycia Jarzynska

    1st Place Patrycia Jarzynska

  • 2nd Place Stephanie Franklin

    2nd Place Stephanie Franklin

  • 3rd Place Alina Sisiiac

    3rd Place Alina Sisiiac

Level 2 Barbering winners

  • 1st Place Jonathan Perino

    1st Place Jonathan Perino

  • 2nd Place Aaron Laryea

    2nd Place Aaron Laryea

  • 3rd Place Mustapha Isa Kizito

    3rd Place Mustapha Isa Kizito

Level 3 Hairdressing winners

  • 1st Place Farah Khan

    1st Place Farah Khan

  • 2nd Place Margaret Nolan

    2nd Place Margaret Nolan

  • 3rd Place Alexandra Dalomba

    3rd Place Alexandra Dalomba

Many thanks to Dennis Williams, Ellisons, L'Oreal and Sally's Hair and Beauty Supplies for donating prizes for our competition winners.

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