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George Casley has over thirty years of experience as a teacher, school leader and teacher trainer. He has worked in Primary, Secondary and International settings and passionately believes that well led schools and colleges can help people to flourish.

Living in west London George delights in cultural diversity and argues strongly that the creative arts of all cultures have much to contribute to what makes a just, humane and intellectually vibrant community. George is also a director of the WOMAD Foundation and the Peter Tatchell Foundation, whilst also volunteering as a Samaritan and Independent Custody Visitor, believing that volunteering is a vital part of a creative society.

As well as asking difficult questions George enjoys theatre and music of many sorts, helping his wife, who works in healthcare, on their allotment, cooking and travel to inaccessible places. He has a daughter who has progressed through the UK education system and now works in public policy.

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