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Help and Support

We always want to ensure that our students have the best resources available to them to help in their studies. At the heart of this is the Learning Resources Centre (LRC). Located in the main Atrium area of the Isleworth Campus, the LRC is there to support study and broaden student’s minds.


 The LRC offers a range of facilities including:

• Staff to help you find what you need and to support you in your studies
• Individual and group study spaces
• A Suite of PCs and Macs
• A dedicated working space for HE students with PCs and Macs
• 93 journals including magazines and newspapers
• e-books
• e-Resources (Encyclopaedia Britannica Online, Britannica Image Quest, Emerald Insight, Care Knowledge, Digital Theatre Plus)
• e-Learning resources from the Blended Learning Consortium
• Book/audio packs for learners of English
• Online access to our Library Catalogue and your library account

Extra Study support for HE and 19+ Learners:

• If you are studying for an HE course or you are a 19+ Learner, then the LRC has a scheme to support you whist you are studying at West Thames.
• If you need extra support with IT skills, English for Study, Numeracy skills or even just some support with your assignments, you can make an appointment with the Digital Resources & Study Lead, based in the LRC.
• At the same time, we’ll also run you through the Digital Resources that the College has in place to help you while you’re with us.


Virtual Learning Environment – Moodle

The College actively embraces the use of learning technologies to enhance the learning experience for students. We use Moodle, a web-based learning environment, to support all our courses.

Moodle allows students to access course materials online, and the useful built-in features, such as forums, wikis, journals and blogs help to promote collaborative and independent learning. Moodle can be accessed from home, so that students always have access to the information, e-resources and e-learning materials they need for their studies.


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