West Thames College aims to ensure that this website gives all members of the public equal access. If you feel that the content on the site could be presented in a more accessible way, please contact us with your suggestions.

Browser Compatibility

Our website is best viewed in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera. You are advised to upgrade to the latest versions for the best user experience.

Changing the text size

If you find the text hard to read, you may wish to make it bigger.

If you're using Microsoft Windows operating system and have a mouse with a control wheel on top, you can use this to change the display size. Press and hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard, then move the wheel on the mouse – forwards to enlarge, and backwards to decrease it.

Alternatively you can control text size through your internet browser:

  • In Firefox select View>Zoom
  • In Internet Explorer select View>Text size
  • In Chrome select Settings>Advanced>Web Content>Customize Fonts

Changing the colour and contrast of the website

You may want to change the colour and contrast of the website to make it easier to read.

  • In Firefox select View>Page Style
  • In Internet Explorer select Tools>General>Colors

Downloads, Word documents and PDFs

We aim to publish information as accessible HTML webpages rather than as downloadable documents, e.g. Word documents and PDFs, as these documents can cause problems for disabled users.

Exceptions to this policy are documents that are intended for use in isolation from the website, e.g. a form that has to be downloaded and printed.

To view PDF files you may need to download Adobe Reader (free of charge).


We aim to provide a description of every image in its alternative text tag.


Link text should make sense out of context and accurately describe the page it points to. You can use the tab key on your keyboard (as well as your mouse) to move from consecutive link to link.


Please upgrade Internet Explorer to version 7 or above to access RSS features.

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