Level 2 Uniformed Public Services, Matthew, played in key role in last weekend’s London Marathon as a health volunteer at one of the many race treatment centres which looks after the runners upon the completion of their demanding effort. The volunteers in these Centres help runners to ensure they’re physically safe to make their way home after the marathon.

Some of the regular tasks that Matthew carried out included checking the glucose levels, blood pressure, pulse rate, pupil dilution and temperature of runners. He even helped administer saline to a runner with the support of an experienced paramedic. His services were very much in demand as he completed a marathon of his own by working from 5am to 10pm that day!

Matthew’s no stranger to helping others and uses his learned skills in first aid, radio communication, fire safety and more by volunteering his support at a range of events.

Matthew said: “From working at the London Marathon, I gained great experience in communication. I've already built up my communication over the years, but there is still room to continue improving. At the London Marathon, I learnt how to do blood glucose and parts of manual blood pressure which is a key skill as the role of a first aider.”

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