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The West Thames College website is a primary source of public information about Higher Education courses including pre-contract information.  The website also displays various types of more general information about the College policies including – Terms & Conditions, Fees, How to Complain, Equality and Diversity Policy, General Data Protection, Safeguarding. Also information about support facilities and the College’s financial position.

The website is maintained and regularly updated by the college marketing team in conjunction with the members of the Higher Education Operations Group and HE Strategy Group and the Director for Creative Industries to ensure compliance with CAM requirements. The Head of Student Recruitment and the Curriculum Administrators regularly check that course information on the website is accurate.

Course information is also available in the Higher Education Prospectus. This is checked by members of the Higher Education Operations Group and the Higher Education Strategy Group for CMA compliance before it is published.

An audit of the website from the student perspective was undertaken by the College’s internal auditors, MacIntyre Hudson, in February 2019.

 pdfHigher Education Terms & Conditions of Study 2020-21

 pdfMaintaining the Quality of HE Provision (Covid-19)

 pdfAccess & Participation Statement 2020-21

 pdfFees Policy 2019-20

 pdfStudent Protection Plan 2020-21

 pdfHigher Education Student Transfers

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