Cultural day story photo                                                                                            

The Student Experience Team hosted a remarkable Cultural Day event which took place on Wednesday 30th March 2022.

It was a special day where our students and staff were able to celebrate each other's cultures and traditions whilst also discovering the unique heritage of other students and teachers at our college; a day full of learning and appreciation.                                                                                                                 

During the lunchtime event, students showcased their traditional attire in a spectacular fashion show, with each group sharing a special song from their country while walking down the runway. Eventually, the atrium was filled with various groups of students, from different countries, showing off their favourite dance moves.

Staff voluntarily brought dishes that originate from their country, providing a massive selection of tasty food from across the globe. With some members of staff even cooking their signature dishes. From west African Jollof rice to samosas and tasty Pancit noodles from the Philippines, students got to sample a great variety.

The event reflected the colleges rich cultural diversity which extends across the communities of Isleworth and Feltham.

Student's performances of traditional dance and national costumes were exceptional, as described best by college student Zayd Haulkhory ‘Events like this make us feel part of the wider community, coming from a Mauritian background, we have both Muslims and Christians. Similar to West Thames, we value one another’s differences, and most importantly respect each other, I can’t wait for next year’s event.’                                                                                                   

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