We've had the pleasure of witnessing the journey of our students for years, and we're so proud to see one of our own staff members take on a new challenge. Tazeen recently completed her CELTA course and is now a ESOL teacher here at the college!

We recently conducted a short interview with Tazeen on her overall journey here, from being a Business BTEC student at the age of 18 to the completing a CELTA course to now becoming a ESOL teacher here at the college at the age of 24.

“The Level 5 CELTA course was an amazing experience. It is great learning how to teach adults from all different backgrounds the English Language”

Tazeen spoke about her obstacles when first coming to the country at the age 13 and the many language barriers she faced in her early educational journey. Tazeen understands first hand the challengers non-English speakers face.

“When I first come to this country aged 13, my first language wasn’t English so I know how it feels to learn a language for the first time. My personal motivation to become an ESOL teacher has always been deeply rooted in my own experiences and the desire to help others overcome similar obstacles and barriers as myself”

The CELTA programme at West Thames College is the perfect stepping stone to kickstart your teaching career.

CELTA, which stands for Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is an initial teacher training programme designed for aspiring ESOL/EFL teachers.

This comprehensive programme not only focuses on effective teaching principles and techniques but also provides hands-on teaching practice and observation opportunities.

The CELTA qualification is globally recognized and respected, opening doors to teaching opportunities all around the world. The course may even be free depending on where you live and current income.

“I highly recommend this course if you want to become an ESOL teacher. This course really boosted my confidence. My confidence went from 0-100 in a short space of time. When I first started, I was really nervous, I didn’t know where to begin but the teachers really help you gain that certainty to be able to deliver your lesson effectively”
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