We held our very own Cabinet Question Time event in our Endeavour Theatre on Wednesday 28th February 2024.

The event was chaired by our Principal, Tracy Aust and on the panel was Leader of the Council Shantanu Rajawat, Deputy Leader of the Council Katherine Dunne and 8 of their cabinet members.

Cabinet Question Time allows members of the public, our students and business owners to question their local political leaders directly on topics and concerns they may have about the Borough of Hounslow.

The night overall was a huge success. Our students were particularly impressive, displaying a real passion for their Borough, with their brilliant and insightful questions touching on topics close to their hearts; pollution, outdoor sports venues and youth clubs.

Members of the public were also exceptional in voicing their care for issues in the community of Hounslow and the Cabinet seemed to enjoy interacting directly with their constituents.

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The audience touched on topics such as; building developments, homelessness, travel issues and more. Due to the seriousness of some issues, the atmosphere in our Endeavour Theatre did become very tense at times but overall it was a very enjoyable evening.

Leader of the Hounslow Council Shantanu Rajawat was deeply passionate about the role West Thames College plays to the Hounslow community.

“It’s invaluable to have a further education venue within the Borough. It is so important – so I really value West Thames College.”


Councillor Salman Shaheen spoke on the importance of adult education.

“Adult education is so important in this day and age. The workforce of the future is going to be dominated by new emerging skills and it is absolutely fundamental that we encourage people to reskill themselves to enter this new economy. ”

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We are incredibly proud to have hosted Cabinet Question Time here at West Thames and we’re equally as proud of our students who were able to present such impactful questions. Thank you to the members of the public, businesses and students in attendance and thank you to our panel:

  • Shantanu Rajawat (Leader of the Council)
  • Katherine Dunne (Deputy Leader of the Council – Climate, Environment & Transport)
  • Tom Bruce (Cabinet Member for Regeneration & Development)
  • Lily Bath (Cabinet Member for Education, Children, Skills & Employment)
  • Shivraj Grewal (Cabinet Member for Communities Equalilties & Culture)
  • Samia Chaudhary (Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Public Health & Transformation)
  • Guy Lambert (Cabinet Member for Highways, Recycling & Health Intergration)
  • Ajmer Grewal (Cabinet Member for Safety & Regulation Services)
  • Salman Shaheen (Cabinet Member for Recreation, Public Spaces & Parking)
  • Sue Sampson (Cabinet Member for Housing Management &Homelessness)

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