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West Thames College is proud to have celebrated National Numeracy Day, a vital initiative that highlights the importance of numeracy in our everyday lives.

Being numerate is not just about being good at maths, it is also about being able to navigate and make sense of the world around us. From managing our finances to understanding data and statistics, numeracy skills are essential for making informed decisions and achieving success.

We are so proud of the students who represented the College at the Further Education Maths Challenge 2024, hosted at Christ the King Emmanuel Sixth Form and organised by Mathematics Education Innovation (MEI).

Medallist Yuliia proudly exclaimed: “I am so proud of myself for winning Gold in the FE Maths Challenge. Sometimes, in languages, you are unsure about your work but with Maths, everything is definite and it is just amazing to me.”

With over 30,000 students participating in the initial round in our region, the aim was to enhance their maths skills for either a Functional Skills qualification or improved GCSE grades.

Following the initial round, winning pairs progressed to the College Finals, then the top performers advanced to the Regional Final.

Here, participants engaged in activities like the Tarsia puzzle and Kahoot quiz across three categories: The Funkies, Ein2steins, and Go Forth.

Competing against peers from other London colleges, our college winners excelled, securing gold in the Go Forth category and bronze in both the Funkies and Ein2steins categories. The winning pair in the highest category, Go Forth, delivered an exceptional performance, answering all the questions correctly.

Congratulations to: Yuliia, Khushpreet, Faris, Arsen, Danylo, Akwasi, Shahmir, Volodymyr, Melwart, Jashanpreet and Andrii who won medals and did a fantastic job!

Fellow medallist Khushpreet said: “The FE Maths Challenge was an incredible experience and gave me a dynamic atmosphere to work with other enthusiastic students!”

Their remarkable efforts were recognised with certificates and medals, celebrating their outstanding participation in the final challenge.

Medallist Faris added: “Participating in the FE Maths challenge was an enriching experience and allowed me to test my advanced problem-solving skills with like-minded individuals.”

Our Maths courses are designed to help learners build their confidence and competence in maths, providing a stepping stone to further education and career opportunities.

Whether you're looking to boost your skills or simply want to improve your understanding of numeracy, we have a course that's right for you.

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